Alvar-- Not much is currently known about the second-in-command of the Galactic Squadron in terms of personal


Science is his middle name.

backstory, though it’s clear he has a history with Hydrar, and has worked with him for years, and is respected among the entire organization as a scientific and technical genius---offering his advice and aid to anyone who needs it. He’s also responsible for many of the gadgets and technology the Galactic Squadron uses.


If Spock had a cousin, it would be Alvar.  He’s devoted his entire life to the exploration and study of the universe; wanting to know what makes it tick. His calm demeanor puts off an aurora of constant self- control, and though violence is something he understands (considering the organization he works for), he himself will never resort to fisticuffs unless absolutely necessary. To him, everything can be solved with an equation, and everything has a logical explanation…which makes his fellow teammates and their radical behavior so confounding, and yet, so interesting to him. But then again, that’s the job of a scientist.



He respects her as a valued, dependable, skilled officer, and is glad to have her back once she’s rescued at the beginning of the second season. He serves almost as a parental figure towards her, and is much more understanding of her arguments against some of the Galactic Squadron’s rules. He helps her to study and control her ever-growing assortment of powers.

--Clara and Tyler

Out of everyone in the Galactic Squadron, he’s the most friendly and welcoming towards Jamie’s Earth friends, and recognizes the potential they have to become GS officers in the future. He’s always open and willing to answer whatever questions they have, and give advice to them, as well as teach them the history of the organization.


He has tremendous respect for the GS president, and is one of the few associates that he has regular, non-work related conversations with. Though Alvar takes his job seriously, he’s often trying to remind his boss to lighten up a little.


Although he’s aware of the sharpshooter’s criminal history, he’s far more forgiving towards him than Hydrar is, and recognizes how helpful the man’s skills are.

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