"Meet Clara" - A Jamie Jupiter Movie Trailer

"Meet Clara" - A Jamie Jupiter Movie Trailer


Clara Friedman- a comic book and movie enthusiast, who is also very tech savvy, and is her high school newspaper's photographer. She's now attending college for a degree in journalism, and hopes to become a reporter. Clara is the definition of the person who sees the glass half empty. Quiet, and extremely introverted, she prefers to be alone, since she has a bit of a bully problem. But when she does speak up, her opinions are harsh and direct. While she doesn’t often dress up, there IS a small part of her that enjoys “girly” things once in a blue moon; if anything, just to gain a little respect.  Being constantly picked on, has made her humor dry and sarcastic. Her stubbornness also makes her admitting to wrong doing or defeat difficult. She’s also one of the few (or possibly only) students who already lives in her own apartment. To pay the rent, she works for the Nerd Patrol, fixing computers. After discovering Jamie's secret, she'll now stop at nothing to reveal the existance of aliens to the world.


Clara is a moody person who has toughened up due to constant bullying at school. That constant bullying made her unable to trust anyone as a friend. When she met Tyler and Jamie, she brightened up and started smiling again. Though she won't admit it, she cherishes both of them and is happy to have them as friends.



Clara's relationship with Jamie is complicated. Although she enjoys having her around, sometimes she can't stand her. But she's sincerely moved whenever Jamie gives her all the credit or goes out of her way in order to make her happy. As of episode 3, they are close friends. However, she doesn't admit that and claims that Jamie is her "ticket to stardom". But as of Episode 14, she's made it clear that while she wants to expose the truth of aliens to the world, that doesn't mean she wants to see any harm come to Jamie.


Just like him, she's also into old sci-fi movies and comic books, and the two have become very close.  It's clear the two of them are attracted to one another, but as of this point, they haven't admitted their true feelings yet.


Although she also shares JJ's feelings of being annoyed by him a bit, she DOES appreciate his tendencies to throw out the rule book and do what he wants.


So far, the two have been at odds with one another, to which Clara now finds herself in the odd position of trying to prove to him that humanity isn't all bad and is worth saving.


Like JJ, she gets along much better with the science officer, and sees him as a much more friendly and understanding confidante, whom she gets plenty of life advice from.

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