DASPL (Season One only)  An intergalactic terrorist, who is a symbiote. By that, it means he must "possess" the bodies of other life forms in order to survive. With this ability, he can diguise himself as anyone, and learn all of that person's secrets. He also possesses great shape shifting powers. He was the first alien entity that Clara and Tyler encountered, resulting in them learning about Jamie Jupiter, and the existance of life on other planets, as well as being the reason Jamie became stranded on Earth. As of Episode two, he is deceased...but our heroes suspect he was doing more than just hiding out on Earth. A much more diabolical plot is now underway, and the cause of it just might be linked back to him...


There’s one word that can best describe Mesmeron-creepy. This is one man who knows how to lay on the charm; drawing you in with his eccentric style, before locking you in his hypnotic gaze that’ll leave you either brain dead or his slave. And the scariest part is that that’ll all depend on what mood he’s in. Sly, and downright devious, he needn’t be hotheaded over anything-why work when you can hypnotize people into giving you everything you need or want? At the beginning of Season two, he takes over the mysterious Nova Star Tech science lab---resorting to human experimentation to try and find a way to strengthen his mental powers. And to find out who keeps trying to thwart his plans, he resorts to disguising himself as a college professor…..the very teacher that’s in charge of Clara’s journalism class.


Hypnotizing gaze....


"Mr. Meesmer" (human disguise)



If you look up both the words “pride” and “boastful”, in the dictionary, you’ll find Crosshair’s picture next to them. You’ll also find a laser pistol in your face as he mocks you for not being as good as him.  Being one of the greatest shots in the quadrant, he’s gotten extremely cocky over his talents, and is always ready to take on anyone who challenges him. He does what he’s paid for, so you might find yourself working with him one minute, then fighting him the next. After all, the highest bidders only deserve “the best.” With the help of a hidden, third eye, his speed and accuracy with rifles is practically outmatched. Working as a bounty hunter/assassin for hire, he and his longtime rival Bolt have managed to cross paths again and again, and he’s always wanting to outwit and outdo Bolt to prove he’s better. After Bolt manages to shoot out his targeting eye, Crosshair flees…only to become ensnared and mind controlled by Mesmeron.


Eye see you....


You'll shoot your eye out kid!

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